What Is: Lead-Free Pewter

What Is: Lead-Free Pewter?

Lead-Free Pewter, composed of 92% tin, 7.5% antimony, and 0.5% copper, is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pewter alloys. This alloy eliminates the health risks associated with lead while maintaining the desirable properties that make pewter a popular choice for creative applications. The material boasts a low melting point and high ductility, allowing for intricate details and smooth finishes in castings, making it a favorite for jewelry, decorative items, and collectibles. The combination of tin, antimony, and copper in this lead-free pewter blend offers enhanced strength, dimensional stability, and a lustrous silver-gray appearance. As a result, Lead-Free Pewter with 92% tin, 7.5% antimony, and 0.5% copper is an attractive and responsible choice for individuals seeking a versatile material that combines aesthetic appeal, workability, and safety.