What Is: C260 Brass

What is C260 Brass

C260 Brass, commonly referred to as Cartridge Brass or 70/30 Brass, is an alloy composed of 70% copper and 30% zinc. This metal is known for its rich golden-yellow color, which makes it an attractive choice for decorative applications, such as jewelry, sculpture, and architectural details. The material exhibits a combination of excellent formability, corrosion resistance, and moderate strength, allowing it to be easily shaped into intricate designs while maintaining structural integrity. C260 Brass can be soldered or brazed, providing versatility in joining techniques for various projects. The unique appearance and desirable working properties of C260 Brass have made it a popular option for those seeking a visually appealing and easily workable metal for creative endeavors.

Advantages Over Leaded Brass

C260 Brass, being a non-leaded brass alloy, offers several advantages over its leaded counterparts. The absence of lead in its composition ensures a safer working environment, as lead exposure is known to cause health risks, including neurological and reproductive issues. Additionally, non-leaded brass meets environmental and regulatory standards in many regions, making it a more globally compliant choice for applications where leaded alloys may be restricted or prohibited. This eco-friendly and health-conscious option maintains excellent formability and corrosion resistance, making it an attractive and responsible material for various projects, including decorative elements, plumbing components, and architectural details.